I`ve got some dragons.

I`ve got some Dragons,
and they`re all mine
– and of course they are Secretly Divine,
they are not bad, this I just now,
-cause they are Eternal Love.

And everyday,
they wake me up,
from time to time,
they make me stop
to hurt myself
– cause I am bad as hell,
with telling myself angry words,
I just hate myself, I do not deserve,
this Holyness, but they caress
my cheek, and they love Every word
that I speek.

I see that I must know myself,
more important;
love myself,
with Holy Words,
although it hurts,
to go against

But oh, my Dragons,
love me so,
although I`m really not
Whole – but they love my every bit
and this I must admit;

That my Dragons,
are my Beauty,
– and they`re all mine,
– this Secretly Divine
Source, that I`ve got
– inside my Heart
that I so fervently

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