So, this man walked in circles.

Have you ever seen this man, walking around himself, like in circles, mostly outside your building which houses your work,
the place you are stationed and feel that you really need to fit in to?
Well, that man, did the opposite.
This man, when in his youth, wasn`t in the game of accepting to be molded into any type of form. His inner human ached to get out, to be himself, and to do what he really loved.
What he loved, though, wasn`t that easy to fully grasp, cause the listening to the heart of the human being is one of the most challenging aspects it can ever encounter in its life. So it was difficult, quite difficult, to stay true to oneself. This is, simple enough, the reason most of you do whatever you are doing. Or are told to do.
That means trying to be in a geometrical figure completely different from your own.
Metaphorically speaking. Like in metaphoric shapes.

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