A Game of Riddles

I feel embarrassed as soon as I realize that I have no idea about anything this day. That I actually know so little, and apparently, I should have known more.

I continue to stand there before I look down at the floor: nebulas are floating around inside of the tiles, they travel distances here, and there, circling, unifying, dividing.

Then I suddenly hear it. The silence. The profound feeling of going to the first desk to look at what the man was looking at moments before. I find myself missing this stranger that understood me so well, perhaps more than I have ever realized myself.

I bend over the desk while I slowly open the scroll on it.

There, poem shines in a golden bronze glow:

You may be all alone
here at your Cosmic Throne
remember: be aware,
how we always are there
and that this is your place:
but other’s people’s grace.

I stop to reflect on those words, and I study the walls of the Observatory: more like bookshelves following the round shape of the building. My eyes widen: these are all books about the stars? The fascination rise in me, and I shake my head to continue to concentrate.

Soon I walk over to the other desk, looking at the second scroll the man was studying. There I see a beautiful drawing of several round shapes. They are different and contain different things. One of them includes a church. Another one looks like a beautiful garden. The third is full of stars and nebulas.

Only two words are glowing, almost floating from the scroll:
Go back.

I immediately understand, and I turn around to run back to the cozy fireplace.

If it is a riddle-game he wants, he is getting one!


Cosmic Backyard’s Christmas Calendar 2017:
Christmas Corner Part 5


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