The room without being there.

As I walk out of the Observatory, on my way to the cozy fireplace, I turn left to walk beside the Fence of Memory. When I do, it instantly starts to blink – and it looks like it is being turned on like a television – the screen showing the universe zoomed out until it stops at something odd: it looks like a library floating out in space!

I have to stop and study this phenomenon. When I reach out my hand to try touch it, it feels hard and solid, and I realize that I am touching one of the shelves. It spins lightly around like it never reaches the ground, and when I grab the front of the shelf, it is instantly locked to my hand. When I take my hand back again, it immediately releases itself from my “grasp.”

I now try to take out a book, and a purple one follows. I read the front of it: “Self Worth.” I take the book with me as I walk back to the fireplace.

Wait – what fireplace? When I enter the room that I previously warmed myself in, where I ate a cup and drank a heavenly drink – it is no longer there. Instead, I am outside – but I am not cold. The tons of snow that I walk in isn’t raw, and I bend down to touch it: the same as I felt in the beginning – soft and warm and very mysterious!

I look around. It seems like I am in a garden. When I walk past some trees with layers of snow on them – I see a house with warm and inviting windows. I stare at the windows: inside I can see my living room, with the fireplace and everything that I have decorated. I walk around the house to find the door. But there is nothing there.

The fireplace crackles like it did – and I can’t get in there. I start to walk around in the garden to see what it is that I can do.

Halfway desperate I stand there without knowing what to do. It looks like the fireplace crackles like it did – and I can’t get in there. I start to walk around in the garden to see what it is that I can do.

I smile when I start to collect the snow that acts like it wants to be molded into some shape. I laugh a little, and then I begin to sing.


Cosmic Backyard’s Christmas Calendar 2017:
Christmas Corner Part 6

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