The Blue Mirror.

I laugh, so heartfelt, while I play in the snow – that is not cold, nor raw, just warm, soft and gentle. My face is all numb after all the smiling, surely this isn’t something I am used to – smiling and laughing.

It occurs to me that I am baffled by myself. Why did I make a snowman? When I know that Universe consists of so much more than human beings – why did it have to be three balls on top of each other? Why not something else?

I laugh out so that the snow catches my echoes and makes the sound intimate. It is of course because of my abilities. That I hardly can make something with my hands, unless I write. I am though very pleased with my little heap of snowballs.
When placed with a light source, it will glow nicely. I love glowing objects. How they make my soul come alive in moments of my life.

My eyes look for something which I don’t know what is. I find it odd, so I just keep looking even though I feel a bit dumb. My “inner critique” suddenly pops up and tells me to leave this place immediately.

“Oh, so I am on the track of something then,” I answer to my own thoughts, chuckling of how I stand here and talk to myself.

I do, however, follow the instinct and begin to walk. Past the snowman and heap, past the house as well until I find a hole in the ground. It glows of blue. I just continue to walk towards the tunnel with stairs following the cave down some meters. I am not afraid, and I find that very strange.

It looks like I am in a glowing, blue cave of some kind. The walls seem to live, talk, the light pulses vary, but never in an intimidating way.

At the end of the first hall, I can see a mirror standing there on two, blue feet. I have to study this in detail, and so I walk towards it, slowly and carefully.

There, I see something that I’ve never seen before, and it pierces through me like dark, cold triggers on a very weak night.

Cosmic Backyard’s Christmas Calendar 2017:
Christmas Corner Part 7

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