The Lady of Gold.

I close my eyes as the golden light fills the room – being used to the darkness, I am in pain for some moments.  I use my hand as protection and wait. When ready, I see a great hall with walls, and columns covered in gold. As I take my first step towards the woman hovering above the floor, a great echo hits the walls – it is like each step that I take is confirmed by the universal plan of existence!

For some reason, I want to look up. I get touched by how the stars still are there, following my every path, looking at my life from an angle of great love. I also love how the light hits the walls and continues upwards towards the sky. This, for some reason, reminds me of an old, Egyptian temple. I look around, trying to find some clues – and of course: I find the monolith. I also see the entrance towards Naos – the most sacred part of an Egyptian temple. I suddenly feel nervous, and I swallow as I start to walk again – each step slamming back against me, as a

Question – Answer

or an

Action – Consequence

Until I stand there, in front of the woman, who, only moments earlier – looked like a dark lady, a tired version of myself. Now, she looks like a queen.

Her soft smile makes me want to laugh nervously. She still wears my face!

She salutes me. I mirror her actions.

“Do you understand?” she asks, looking at me with depth.

I let myself think. I frown. Breathe in, then out.

“You were – a dark part of me. Something happened to you – or me – or…”

She nods, and her previous chuckling as the dark lady is absent. I start to wonder why.

She answers. “It is because you have lifted one of your dark aspects into the light. It is a very demanding process, and I am not just the beginning of something else. In time, you will see that I go back to a little more darker state – until I reach the golden middle-way. I will get my giggling back then.”

I don’t know what to say. My darkness had more humor than my light? I start to laugh, and suddenly I am very grateful for being on both sides in a way.

She smiles now. “Yes – this is because you see the light as something serious – something to strive for, your morale, ethics, the right from wrong – the seriousness of life. You have never embraced your humor, so it fits into your darker aspects. When you have worked with this for some time – and your humor is out in the light – it will be present both places, in perfect balance.” 

I nod. “Wow, that actually sounds pretty awesome!”

She smiles. “It does, doesn’t it?”

“So,” I continue, looking down at the pink nebula tiles, “what’s next?”

She raises an arm and says:

Two out of three – is done!

Left is one

go through the Sun!”

And with that – the golden lady disappears.


Cosmic Backyard’s Christmas Calendar 2017:
Christmas Corner Part 16 

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