The Therapists.

When I stand yet alone again, I try to remember what she – or what I – said.

“… left is one… sun! Go through the sun!”

I immediately turn around to try to find out what she was talking about. Did she perhaps mean the golden colors here – is there a door I can enter?

Yes. Three entrances. But none of them feel right… if not…

I look at the monolith and react when I see a symbol of a sun. Eagerly I trace the pattern with my finger, finding out that it looks like a path. First through one portal, then another.

I then turn around once more and head for the door in the middle. Intuitively I feel that this has something to do with the middle road between darkness and light. As soon as I enter the entrance in the middle, I see a new one; this has the symbol of a sun over it.

I run as I am eager to find out. It looks like I am entering a type of temple garden. Around me, I see several columns – all with ancient hieroglyphs lined up like in a book. I remember what I have read about the Mystery Schools in old times, so I feel the goosebumps on my arms.

Alongside the walls are little roads of water, and as I hear it dribbling, I feel content. Until I hear a moan somewhere further inside the temple garden.

When I get to the source, I see that we are not alone; three individuals clothed in white draperies are sitting around the patient, and I immediately recognize them.

“No… It can’t be!!” I eagerly whisper to myself.

At the same time, one of them spots me. He waves with his hand to show me that I have to come closer, and I do without hesitating.

He stands up and whispers.

“I have to go and get some herbs. I need you to take my place for a while.”

I take a step backward.”What? I cannot… I… have never healed like you do! I’ll ruin the balance of three for sure!” I shake my head, as to confirm my belief of me not being able to lay my hands on this sick individual lying on the floor.

The stranger shakes his head. “You’ll have to. You know you can, as I know you can. Don’t you remember?”

I open my mouth to say “no,” but I realize that the other two are looking at me, and therefore I really don’t feel like it. Instead, I take the strangers place, put my hands where I know they should be, and close my eyes. A feeling of shame creeps up my cheeks, through my temples and further back on my head. My hairline tickles, and I slowly breathe in.

I start to listen to the stranger’s footsteps, as I really hope that he returns soon.

I am after all – not worthy of this.


Cosmic Backyard’s Delayed Christmas Calendar 2017:
Christmas Corner Part 17 

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