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And Earth and Heaven touched the child.

A child is touching water`s wave
and water calm and peace it gave
so child could sit and dream of much
– in daylight`s lovely touch.

Its thoughts were peaceful, glad and calm
and wandering to its own realm
where stories got new life, and went
– to places only dreamt.

While child is dreaming, it is loved
of all that`s lived, and all that`s glowed
and Earth and Heaven touched the child
– so therefore, then, it smiled.

Your own Golden cluster of stars.

My heart is flowing
in strips of gold;
I want to let you see
my starsystems and clusters
but most of all;
how life shines through its physical form.

I want to hold you, in my arms
and put you in my hands
carrying you all the way
so that I can give you
– the greatest gift.

Instead, I stand here
reaching for your hand;
but it`s lost in a dark fluid.
I so want to stand in the fluid for you
but I do not.
I try my best;
but I can not.

-You already see your own
cluster of stars.