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This is how the humans see it:

Golden spheres on tectonic plates

Feathered wings surrounding spheres

creatures of light transform into

beings of transcendent tales

a leveled structure of atomic concentrations

are what we see:

For we live, and grow and breathe

in a box


Your Worth.

You think you need to help someone
to be it all worth while
to clear your own bad conscience
well it shouldn`t be your style.

Your life is not all meaningless
without your strong advise
in fact you don`t need anything
to prove your own disguise.

You`re worth all of the universe
and this the way you are!
You`re better than all gold on Earth
and brighter than the stars!

So next time your mind thinks
that you just need to give advise
then stay out of your head
and choose the voice in you
that`s wise.