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Don`t be afraid to forget.
Remember the colours which are there, all the time, even though you cannot see them.

If you are afraid to forget, remember the stars of the Night.
Think about the moon that shines, and remember that it shines down upon us for a reason.

If you do forget – think about all that you already have, and thank it.
Then you will remember again. Even though if it hurts, you will remember again.

When you wonder why things can be so painful, so remember – you can talk to someone.
It is always a little, quiet voice within that wants to listen to you.

This quiet, little voice, will take away all the pain for a while. You can rest here.
Cause it knows everything. But you have to remember to listen to it.

If you listen, you will get your answers.
Remember who you listen to.

It is not all that believe in this quiet voice.
It is not all that believe in our feelings, inside ourselves.

You are allowed to believe what you want. Everyone is.
This little voice will always be there, no matter what you do.

You will always have this friend with you.

Different opinions.

It is normal with different opinions inside oneself. They are all equally important.
It is good to listen to them.

When you feel that your Heart is Clean, you feel joyful,
cause the sun is shining, or because something is good,
then – you have listened to a good opinion inside yourself.

You are like lego bricks.
It is important that you build yourself up, so that you are like a strong tower.
Cause the strong towers, those with good thoughts and opinions, they are standing strong.

All that you think, means something. You mean something.

You mean everything.

You are your own Sun.
The Light that you need, is inside yourself.

Grown-ups know more. They know more practical things.
And that`s their job. They do it well, by telling you what to do, and not to do.
But your own answers, about what you really want to do lots and lots of times,
that is only inside yourself.

How can we know that there is something out there,
that is bigger than us, that is more than us,
how can we know?

And if we know that it IS something bigger out there,
how do we know that it loves us – no matter what we do?