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The top of the castle, reflecting the galaxy`s light.

The castle looked like
it was made of ash
from stars.
When my shoes walked on its surface
it felt like hot and cold sand
melted into glass
and I could see glitter
reflecting from the galaxy’s light.
The top of the castle
was in different kinds of purple
and blue, shining its way
to unknown territories.

Glowing Dance.

The goal with the dance is to look each other in the eyes all the way through.
While their glowing skin reveal their true feelings, the goal however is to remain eye to eye.
If they succeed with this throughout the dance, it is successful, and they have showed their love to one another.
One may think that this is a strange ritual to practice, while being so advanced as they are, but as I got to understand – they do have their reasons.

Here I can stay in my Universal Outfit.

In the corner of the pink-apricot-coloured planet
I have my home. There I can do
whatever I please.
My entrance is a little river, placed on rainbow-stones,
and my white dress
gets wet, but at the same time not.
-The Paradox Law-
which works here on this side of the galaxy.

My head wears a white crown,
as the cleanest snow,
but not as glittery:
the colour is matte.

Here I can make my decisions at peace.
Here I can stay in my Universal Outfit.