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Machinery of Golden-Green aura.

The machine is quite extraordinary
as the wheel turns by itself
and the parts are connected by
an energetic field only
so soft and sublime
that the only sound you hear
is a kind of watery sound
that reminds you of
a beautiful fountain
and the color this machine makes
is a dark, golden green color.

And Earth and Heaven touched the child.

A child is touching water`s wave
and water calm and peace it gave
so child could sit and dream of much
– in daylight`s lovely touch.

Its thoughts were peaceful, glad and calm
and wandering to its own realm
where stories got new life, and went
– to places only dreamt.

While child is dreaming, it is loved
of all that`s lived, and all that`s glowed
and Earth and Heaven touched the child
– so therefore, then, it smiled.