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In Seventh Hour

In seventh hour, waters scour
metals scream in great devour
rusty trinkets, sugared links: sits
well with people at Precinct

Quite distinct!

So, life is hunting, fights, confronting
looking for that special something
some admitting, slightly splitting
what you find in junk with spry

Questions why…

Well, answers lying, purifying
under facts of horrifying
social structures, ruined cultures
made Precinct a roughened place

Such disgrace!

Those Links of Sweet, intense transmissions
creating fresh, dulcet fissions
like these straws of gentle floaty
giving metals mental chew

As for you?

You are link of other flavors that
will give the humans favors as
a break of silence, balanced pact
a new alliance,
in defiance
you are genius math
that will lead these people on a path
to golden science
bridge to something more intact

so dearest reader
who will also be their leader:
stay put for your next act!

“In Seventh Hour”
Published and made on video on YouTube

Machinery of Golden-Green aura.

The machine is quite extraordinary
as the wheel turns by itself
and the parts are connected by
an energetic field only
so soft and sublime
that the only sound you hear
is a kind of watery sound
that reminds you of
a beautiful fountain
and the color this machine makes
is a dark, golden green color.


She comes as she goes
through waters and lakes
while looking Divine
her motives are fake.

She crawls through her ponds
with feathery feet
her beauty is sore
her longings so deep.

She wants you to seek
her beauty and grace
with sunshine in eyes
and moonlight in face.

Her secrets are molded
– the Oldest of Age
with knowledge so deep;
with that of a Sage.

But knowledge be darkened!
through ages of time
when Darkness crawls in
from Lightest Divine.

So then you must seek
the Light in its core;
and she will be weak,
her Heart will be sore.

Cause Darkness is Light
the deepest within
there`s always a chance
for Light`s Grace to win!