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Greatest Gift of All.

Mother held her son in arms,
the Greatest Gift of All
his love made her own consciousness
grow thousand meters tall.

Her love made him grow strong and safe
he learned to live from heart
and therefore he’d embrace them all:
life’s fresh and unknown starts.

His mother made him wonderful
a joy we all can share
I thank her every day
for all her love, and all her care

For love can spread and love can grow
and help us to unfold:
her love made him to love with heart
yes, this I surely know;


Now her son holds me in arms
and this – the way I know;
his mother, lovely – wonderful

– is greatest gift of all.

Thank you.

The top of the castle, reflecting the galaxy`s light.

The castle looked like
it was made of ash
from stars.
When my shoes walked on its surface
it felt like hot and cold sand
melted into glass
and I could see glitter
reflecting from the galaxy’s light.
The top of the castle
was in different kinds of purple
and blue, shining its way
to unknown territories.

Machinery of Golden-Green aura.

The machine is quite extraordinary
as the wheel turns by itself
and the parts are connected by
an energetic field only
so soft and sublime
that the only sound you hear
is a kind of watery sound
that reminds you of
a beautiful fountain
and the color this machine makes
is a dark, golden green color.