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The more you open, the more you show.

So, what`s happened?
With us all?
Why are we acting so scared and small?
We don`t like to talk our honest words,
no, we are just followers of The Herds
that want to lead us, steps and way,
and leave us in flocks, but led astray.

Why do we follow their way?

Where are the Followers of The Heart?
Where are the ones who break apart,
to follow their lead, to follow their way,
I hope they are there, and therefore I pray,

– for sunshine in Heart, and Mind in New Day.

You know what we get, to follow that path?

I know that your Ego will have it`s own will;
to tell you that this path is way too still,
but really, just hear me out for a while,
cause even your Ego will feel that it`s thrilled!

It`s really just simple, complicated math:

The more you open, the more you show;
– the more you have the right to know.
The more you see, and what you dare,
will give you Love and Heart to care.
And really, if there is Love involved,
it will get everything faster resolved.

Yes, follow what your Heart will say,
that is the best and loveliest way
and maybe you think it`s strange to feel
your all emotions – and all that is real,
but just remember
and let it be said:
it`s better than being
alive, but dead.