I prayed for the understanding for my mistakes, and then I heard:

… and when I lifted myself up to my very Special Place, where time and space exist in my own consciousness, where I am safe to do the Work; I prayed for the understanding for my mistakes, and then I heard:

“Your mistakes are what defines you, because they are the most authentic of you. You do that mistake because you cry to the Universe for help, and that cry is an authentic one. Listen to the authentic part of yourself, and you will no longer do the mistake, because mistake is the Key for the locked door of understanding.”

You decided to fly now.

You decided to fly now;

fly across the distant stars
fly to the universe`s cradle
and to the Seed of All.

And although it is Magic
although You have Your Right
to do so;
I still miss you
Oh so much

I am going to miss
Your facet to the World,
but I do bless
that Your Light
forever flies
to the distant stars;
and back.

Priestess of Love.

Wonderful priestess
standing in the dark
igniting light
to dark areas
without fear.
Her energy
like an island
inside of a storm
always calm
something to
stand on
so that
worried thoughts
get some rest.

Her dress
as The Light
with glittery gold
always alive
like a symbol
of Love’s