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Esoteric corner bricks.

The corner bricks are cold
with lessons, tales untold
and streetlights all reveal:
an old badge made of steel.

With corners made of rust
and letter`s deed of trust:
a sacred, hidden oath
ensuring mankind`s growth.

Forgotten by the time:
the countless, painful crimes
beside it is a scratch
but none can see the hatch.

It leads right underneath
and hides this steamy heat
which travels through the halls
and covers all the walls.

Beneath it is a room
which smells of strange perfume
in center stands a man
with universal plans.

His forehead are all wet
it`s full of salt and sweat
his face wears tired skin
his body: way too thin.

His thoughts are brave and bold,
the heart is made of gold
his goal: to manifest
our hearts`great intellect.

His work is going slow,
for hearts need time to grow
and silence, just to heal
for that`s how scars get sealed.

I`m thankful for his eyes:
they look through this disguise,
for all this person know:
so flowers yet can grow.