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Machinery of Golden-Green aura.

The machine is quite extraordinary
as the wheel turns by itself
and the parts are connected by
an energetic field only
so soft and sublime
that the only sound you hear
is a kind of watery sound
that reminds you of
a beautiful fountain
and the color this machine makes
is a dark, golden green color.

The Chronicles.

We all have this enormous book full of reflections, mind-bubbles, and short episodes of illumination. It is our own, but still it cross-references with more intelligent, and less intelligent life – where the first one is too narrow to see, while the other is so deep a tone, that it makes every human being rhythmical, and moved. This book may be used as one chooses for oneself, but it will always be too big to fit into the narrow window of power. Only by sharing will it grow, like a formula based on some equations, which are new to us – but elementary to the Universe`s growth itself.