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Another pair of eyes.

Human being
Just walking down the street.
Hands in pockets.
Kicking away all the rain.

Shoes made of cloth,
far too easy to make wet.

Looking into its own world
while everyone else is walking by.

No pair of eyes are met.
No one knows that each of the others exist.

Doors are closed.
None of them listens anymore.
They stopped doing so
a long
time ago.

And so will it continue
until one of them
– only one –
meets another
of eyes.

The Power of Life

The Power of Life
is the rythm of your chest,
the questions never guessed,
the heavens mighty quest.

But what about my thoughts?

I tend to think
of the softness of the wind
carrying my hair
with its fingers of the air…

All the roses, and its smell
what stories they can tell…
and the love in it, as well!

Yes, all those tender feelings,
and how we are they defined;
they tend to be our ceilings
tampering with our mind!

It makes us blind…

At least, if we don`t listen,
to the darkness in ourselves,
cause then it tends to be stored
on our dusty, darkened shelves…

Blow of the dust…